Sunday, 25 May 2014

What way is up?

One question I was asked yesterday was which direction we should place at the top of our maps. In period, east was at the top of the maps (since that's where Jerusalem was located). I've seen lots of SCA maps that mimic that by placing west at the top (since that's where California is located, and where the Society was born).

I think our best option for modern maps, those that are to aid people (especially new people) in finding local groups, would be to maintain the modern convention of having north at the top of the map. I have heard of lots of people looking at SCA maps and not being able to read them because west was at the top instead.

However, for period versions that we do, I think what direction is at the top of the map should be left to the discretion and preferences of the cartographers involved.

What say you?

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