Cartography (in general)

Brief History of Maps and Cartography

Early Medieval Mapping

The Earth and the Heavens: The Art of the Mapmaker

Introduction - Medieval Maps

Library of Congress: Cartography

Medieval Distortions: The Projections of Ancient Maps

Medieval Maps: An Introduction

Medieval Mappaemundi (World Maps)

Medieval Mapping Project

The Problem of Mayda, an Island Appearing on Medieval Maps

Ptolemy's Geography

Cartographic Elements

The Enchanting Sea Monsters on Medieval Maps

Here Be Dragons: The Evolution of Sea Monsters on Medieval Maps

Sea Monsters on Medieval and Renaissance Maps

Ethnic Cartography

Oxford Jewish Medieval Maps

In-depth Analysis

The Psalter Mappaemundi: Medieval Maps Enabling Ascension of the Soul Within Christian Devotional Practices

Map Galleries

Atlas of the Middle Ages

Historical Maps Overview

Late Medieval Maps

Mappa Mundi

Maps and Images (Fordham University)

Maps Before Maps

Maps of Medieval France

Maps of Medieval Paris

Medieval Eurasia

Medieval Europe Maps

Medieval Maps

Medieval Maps

Medieval Maps on Pinterest

Medieval World Maps

Old Maps of Leicester

Regional Maps of the Middle Ages

SCA Links

Office of the Cartographer (Kingdom of the Middle)

Office of the Seneschal, Kingdom of Lochac: Cartography Deputy

SCA thread on the Cartographer's Guild Forum

SCA Cartography Mailing List (may be defunct)

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